Introducing myPOS

Designed from the ground up by a team with extensive operational Retail and Hospitality experience. We know what it takes to make an ergonomic and efficient EPOS system. Save thousands in setup costs with no license fees and low ingoing hardware costs, and with a dedicated team of developers you won’t be waiting long for the latest feature packed version of MyPOS.

Online Access. Anytime, Anywhere.

Back office activities no longer need to be performed in-store. Use our online web dashboard to view and check reports on your sales, inventory and staffing hours

Growing with you.

We will configure your system with the categories you define that are unique to your business needs - whether you're a retailer or a quick serve restaurant owner. When you're ready to grow, your data's readily available.

Make your end-of-day end faster.

Integrates with PG Accounting. Sales information gets automatically entered into your accounting software. No more double entries.

Run your entire shop with an myPOS solution.

Ring in sales and accept credit cards. Manage vendors and inventory. Build customer relationships.

Integrated accounting management

Maintain full control over your accoounting and get accurate forecasts of balance sheet, Profit & loss, Trail Balance.

Integrated inventory management

Maintain full control over your inventory and get accurate forecasts of stock levels.

Integrated Fixed Assets management

Full control over your assets and get accurate service, maintenance, warranty, depreciation report .

Desktop,Web, Mobile and Cloud Ready Point of Sale

Empower your store staff with full point of sale functionality from a dektop, web and mobile device.

Desktop Web & Mobile - In Everything

  • Who can use
  • Departmental Stores Supermarkets
  • Rice Stores Vegetable Fruit shops
  • Sweet and Bakery Shops Fast Food Restaurant
  • Gift Items, Greetings and Fancy Stores
  • Books and Stationary Shop Music CD's/VCD/DVD's
  • Hardware - General / Electrical / Electronics / Building Materials
  • Readymade Garments Footwear Shops Luggage and bags
  • Mobile Computer Hardware and Spares parts shop
  • Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics
  • Retail and more...
  • Benefits
  • Fully integrates with Accounts Receivable, Inventory and General Ledger in real time.
  • Supports most POS devices including barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, store pole displays, signature capture pads, and magnetic card readers
  • Allows immediate lookup of the correct price of an item which may have lost its tag.
  • Allows an instant view of whether an item is in stock at your store or any other location.
  • Allows Invoice to be emailed to recipient.
  • Password protection when overriding unit/extended price.
  • Allows invoice to be charged to customer account balance with credit limit checking
  • Print Quotation, Purchase order, Bill , Challan and more..
  • Configurations
  • PC & laptop Running your shop in your browser on your PC or Laptop is the cheapest and most flexible option. Usb barcode scanners are natively supported. Receipts can be printed on any thermal or inkjet printer compatible with your web browser. Extra hardware such as weighting scales or ESC/POS printers can be used
  • Android tablet Tablets take a lot less space, their touchscreens are a joy to use. And they are light enough to be freely moved around your shop. Or you can put them in a nice stand and secure them on your front desk.
  • Industrial touchscreenHard to break and steal, industrial touchscreens are the perfect solution for shops and restaurants with a high volume of staff and customers.


A range of services that combine the best resources with the proper methodologies to increase quality, reduce cost and drive improvement.

Peripherals Support

MyPOS works with touch screens, receipt printers, fiscal printers, barcode readers, cash drawers, customer terminals and scales, and it can be easily integrated with additional store customer devices.

Offline Capabilities

Ensure uninterrupted sales during a loss of connectivity. In this case, data are stored locally in the browser and sales are transparently synchronized with the back-office, once the connectivity returns.

Blind and Verified Returns

Easily manage customer returns from the original receipt (verified returns) or without having the original receipt (blind returns).

Automatic and Discretionary Discounts

Be informed about automatic discounts and be able to apply discretionary discounts depending on your permissions, with the possibility of requiring a supervisor's approval.

Customers Management

Manage both anonymous and named transactions and create/maintain new customers associated with a ticket at the mobile point of sale.

24/7 Customer Care

Your business doesn’t stop when the doors close, and neither do we. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’re right here to help in any way we can.

Scan, Browse and Search

Rapidly add products to the ticket in different ways: scan a product barcode, browse your retail product categories or search by text or by product characteristics. With product characteristics, you will be able to rapidly navigate through your catalog and assist customers to find those products that better match their preferences.

amazing campaigns

Integrate with your favourite email client to create amazing campaigns. One click purchases.