• Core Testing Service
  • Functional Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • UAT Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Web service Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Inbound Outbound process Testing
  • Installation and configuration
  • Fix Confirmation Testing
  • Element of the test Automation
  • Modular Test Script
  • Test Library Architectures
  • Data-Driver Testing
  • Keyword-Driven Testing
  • Hybrid Test Automation
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Solutions Overview

We offer a range of testing solutions to meet your business requirements, from engagement models to tailored testing by industry. We’ve been combining the industry’s best tools and methodologies with the world’s most talented testers for years, allowing us to provide higher quality at a lower cost to our clients.

Test Automation Services

NT has successfully completed numerous Test Automation projects, and can assist in automating your test projects at various stages.

Unit Testing

NT's unit testing services enable our software testing experts to streamline your project flow more efficiently and effectively.

ETL Testing

NT's ETL tools and best practices ensure that data is thoroughly integrated and that defects are discovered and fixed effectively.

Engagement Models

Understanding the current dynamic economic challenges, NT has developed engagement models tailored to reflect the maturity, complexity, technology, processes and other factors that drive a successful project delivery.

QA consulting

Our general consulting services are provided to help you implement your testing ideas into life with minimum costs and maximum quality. Feel free to use our general testing services in case you have testing questions and issues you can’t resolve by yourself.

QA Documentation

QA documentation is an essential tool for facilitating a testing process, making it more systematic and accurate, its monitoring and control. Well-organized and kept up-to- date documentation is the key to testing success.

Testing Domains

Specific domains are associated with specific challenges and trials. NT's vast experience with testing domain systems have led us to build a profound domain testing knowledge base with the necessary testing assets to accompany it.

Services by Industry

NT provides a wide variety of testing solutions for different industries. At NT, we understand that while there are commonalities in the testing requirements, each industry has its own unique needs. Therefore, we deliver a comprehensive package tailored according to the specific industry needs.

One powerful and pervasive testing ecosystem to deliver you the best of QA

All types of testing that you need

Automation tools and solutions leveraged by nt apps tech


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    Desktop,Web Applications , E-Commerce iPhone, Android and Windows Phone Testing

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    Training Courses

    NT's offers a variety of training courses that address testing principles, test planning, test methodology and test automation.
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    Dedicated team service

    Complete alignment with your business objectives

    Higher level of project security control, IP rights protection and confidentiality

    Lower prices comparatively to other business models

    Possibility to select team members, manage and motivate them

    Close integration into your production process


A range of services that combine the best resources with the proper methodologies to increase quality, reduce cost and drive improvement.

Functional Test

In this testing phase we only consider each and every functionality of the individual component. Based on the appropriate input verifying output and comparing the actual result with expected result.

Integration Testing

A software typically consists multiple software module and it’s developed by different programmer. So when the individual module logically integrated testing team verifies its working fine as a group without any error.

System Test

System testing checking the behavior of a complete fully integrated system based on the software requirements specifications its starts right after functional integration testing. The main focus of this testing is to evaluate Business rule, Functionality of the system and End-user requirements.

Regression Test

Regression testing ensure that a change or modification into the system that will not impact to other functionality.

Negative Functional Test

Negative testing is very important part of the system to discover more defect. It checks whether an application behaves as expected with the negative input. Testing the system (UT) behavior against the requirement. Negative Testing can be performed on the system by providing invalid data as input.

Security Testing

Security Testing ensures, that system and applications are free from any unauthorized access that may cause a big loss. The goal of security testing is to identify the threats in the system and measure its potential vulnerabilities.

Performance Testing

Performance testing makes sure the quality of the system (UT). It involves to ensure the application perform well under expected workload.


User acceptance testing performed by the Client to validate the end to end business flow. This testing carried out with real time experienced end user in separate testing environment.

Inbound Outbound process Testing

Make sure your inbound and outbound procedure and its element including its request parameter and output result.

Compatibility Testing

NT’s provides comprehensive Compatibility Testing services that can be performed across a variety of Operating Systems, browsers, databases, servers, hardware, different versions, configurations, display resolutions etc..

ETL Testing

Our ETL team make sure your desired data extracted and transformed from source to target according to your business rule.

Web service Testing

Web Services is the mechanism or the medium of communication through which two applications / machines will exchange the data irrespective of their underline architecture and the technology our testing team make sure your system communicating and responding back as your expectation.